Originally a children’s IP+ derivative project, “Little Fishman Momomes” has evolved from an audio story on the Himalayan FM to a multi-category children’s merchandise brand. In the past two years, the enlightenment early education market has developed rapidly, but good content is still a scarce resource. Founded by Feng De, the former general manager of Baby Tree E-commerce, he is committed to the development and operation of original animation IP and derivatives. The company has already obtained multiple rounds of investment since its establishment more than a year ago, and has also developed a TOP-level IP fisherman. Momous, the IP currently has nearly ten series of works, including the cartoon “Little Fishman Mosmus Family” in January 2019, landing in Aiqi, Tencent video, Youku, has been broadcast to the fourth In the quarter, the entire network played more than 300 million times.