Mike Toutonghi

As a 30+ years veteran of the technology industry, Mike has been a serial entrepreneur and intrapreneur throughout his career. From his first 3D CAD systems integrator startup in 1982, through founding and leading the eHome Division at Microsoft, Mike has held senior management and inventor from CEO to Corporate Vice President to Technical Fellow, focused in each role on making technology easier and more useful for everyone. Some of his more notable roles include General Manager, Architect, and one of two recognized co-founders of Microsoft’s .Net platform; Vice President, Founder and Distinguished Engineer of Microsoft’s eHome divison; CEO and Founder of the Vizrea/Webfives social network in 2003, purchased by Microsoft in 2007; CTO of Parallels, Inc.; and the role he is most excited about, CEO of Functionalize, Inc. Mike is also inventor or co-inventor on 29 issued patents, plus pending patents on Functionalize Inc.’s nano-material synthesis and polymer technology.

Although he has managed multifunctional teams of over 600 with budgets over $100MM, Mike started functionalize as its Chief Scientist and Laborer in the pursuit of enabling 3D printing electrical circuits on today’s common 3D printers. In doing so, he has developed his lifelong interest in and personal study of chemistry, and succeeded in inventing, filing for patents, and bringing to production the first 3D printing filament conductive enough to easily print general, TTL compatible circuits. As the CEO of Functionalize, Inc., Mike worked to enable its vision of “concept to functional product, on a 3D printer in any home or business.”