GoFounders – Revolutionary Business Solutions

Go Founders is one of the successful Internet marketing businesses. It specializes in providing fully automated marketing solutions to streamline the world of marketing. The organization is all set to the change millions of lives globally.

You must have heard about many companies that promise to provide a better life when you join them as a member. But when you register on their platform, you feel trapped because you receive commissions only when you recruit new members. There would be no product or service involved for selling or promoting (which could have allowed you to earn even if you fail to recruit others). Such companies are frauds, fake and dodgy. They adopt a Ponzi scheme to earn money for themselves, but those who join them fail to make a profit.

In such a case, as per 2019 data, 50% of members, representatives or consultants drop out in the first year, and nearly 90% leave within five years.
But not all companies are the same. There are some companies which rank at top positions in their respective product segments.

ONPASSIVE is such an upcoming unicorn technologically-advanced company which creates Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated tools for big and small companies to get rid of monotonous and redundant manual tasks involved in business activities such as selling, promoting and recruiting.
It is dedicated to provide all the tools and services required to succeed online. It also allows you to earn only if you are actively participating in building the community and using the marketing tools in automating your business. Its awesome compensation plan provides you with complete financial freedom by generating passive residual income for your entire life.
Here comes the ultimate GoFounders platform which is actually a back-office for ONPASSIVE where a member can register either by invitation or by directly visiting the site.
• This platform is equipped with all resources and tools required for building a team and keeping a frequent performance check.
• It allows you to interact with all registered founders and also helps you to create links to invite other interested members.
• It gets updated with regular webinar videos which you can also share on various platforms, such as social media and websites.
• It also contains posters, videos and e-books required for the invitation purpose and to drive a team with continuous motivation.
• GoFounders creates complete transparency among its registered founders and frequently shares achievements and progress reports.
GoFounders has got its own back-end office to add multiple functionalities of the website and to provide 24/7 support for its founders. This back-end office has developers who build awesome marketing tools and dedicated customer support and content management team required for ONPASSIVE’s members to succeed online.

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