Arne Wilhelmsen

Arne Wilhelmsen is a Norwegian billionaire businessman, the co-founder of Royal Caribbean Cruises. Arne Wilhelmsen was born in June 1929, and has a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University. Wilhelmsen is married, with three children and lives in Oslo, Norway. 

  • Arne Wilhelmsen launched Royal Caribbean Cruises in 1969.
  • It’s now one of the largest cruise ship companies in the world with a fleet of 25.
  • The Harvard grad retired more than a decade ago, with his son Alex taking his place on the Royal Caribbean board of directors in 2003.
  • He has also shifted almost all ownership to his three sons.
  • Wilhelmsen made at least $500 million in 2008 when China Oilfield Services acquired drilling rig owner Awilco Offshore, in which he had 40% stake.