Andrew Frame

Andrew Frame is the founder and CEO of Citizen, an app that helps people stay safe by notifying them of relevant, nearby crimes and emergency incidents in real-time on their mobile phones. New York City has around 10,000 911 calls each and every day. Citizen opens up these 911 calls and sends them to the Citizen app which gives users real-time crime and incident alerts. Users are given the option of live-streaming the incident creating complete transparency and fueling the creation of a global safety network whose aim is to create safety and protection for all citizens worldwide.

Citizen launched a beta of its New York City only service in early 2017 and has grown rapidly as people use it to stay safe and informed by monitoring emergencies unfolding in their vicinity.

At 24 years old, Andrew founded ooma, a consumer Internet phone company. As the founder and CEO for the first 5 years he built the vision, team, strategy, initial retail channels and under his leadership guided the company to a $25M revenue run-rate before hiring his replacement. The company is now publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange with an annual revenue of around $120M.

Andrew moved to Silicon Valley at age 17 to join Cisco Systems, where as part of its Global Center of Expertise, he traveled across the world working with customers on large-scale, complex networking issues. Prior to being recruited by Cisco Systems, Andrew resigned from high school in 10th grade to build and run an ISP (Internet Service Provider), which later became the largest in Las Vegas.

Andrew is also a member of Global Advisory Board of DocuSign, Inc. and has been an angel investor and advisor to various startups, including Facebook and Tinder.